Imagine coming home from school one rainy day, tired and bored when you see a guy, all wet, having his face covered by his curly black hair standing on the pavement in front of your house. Some voice inside you is trying to tell you that he is too familiar to be any random guy and also too cute and in the same time too atractive to be any neighbor. “It hit you like a fucking tone of blocks” realizing who he was,so, in shock, you let out a whimper but from that distance he couldn’t have heard you. You get closer and closer, making little steps, trying not to make any kind of noise that could make him realize there was someone by him, wanting to be sure who he is before saying anything you might later regret, when involuntary;

"Slash?" *you quickly jump and turn around and walk away as fast as possible*

As you have already started running, you feel a warm but still damp hand on your shoulder, pulling you back, so you stopped, but did not turn around.

"What’s wrong? What happened? Did i scare you? Oh God, I’m so sorry, i didn’t mean to" the boy said on a very shy tone

"Slash?" You ask nervously, being on the edge of bursting into laughter

"Yes, it’s me :)) Are you ok?"

"Why are you here?" you ask

"Well you sent me a fan mail last week… Aren’t you (Y/N) "

"Oh i never thought you’d actually get that!!!" All of a sudden, a big smile appears on your face and for no apparent reason you jump and hug the man, you 30 seconds ago were not sure really existed.

You forget about the rain, the school, homework, the fact that your parents must have been waiting for you for the past hour and go to a bar to sip a drink and feel fine.